Disrupting The Status QUO

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You may have read more than once that disrupting the status quo is an important skill to develop where the attempt to closing a sale is concerned. If this is news to you, don’t feel intimidated as it is quite easy to simplify. Customers often prefer to put the transaction on pause. To be inactive is the typical comfort zone for this type of customer. You’ll find that taking the initiative to develop effective techniques to disrupt this is all in all sensible; however, knowing how to gain trust is always an essential step. Skipping the step to build a relationship consequently aggravates the challenge to close the sale.


Are you having the right conversations?


In order to create a compelling customer experience, you need to know how to encourage the prospect to engage with you and trust you. Sparking up a conversation that’ll provoke emotion is invaluable because our choices to make a purchase are often based on our emotions. Asking the right questions is pivotal. It’ll do you justice to start the right conversations. The prospect desires a change and your job is to supply that. There is a gap to be filled. It is vital to recognise the fortune of the paradox. You will derive benefit from taking advantage of this. A person who is not satisfied with their current situation yet is too comfortable with the current state of things usually feels quite intimidated by the fact; reason being they feel guilty because they know that the two points contradict one another. The aim is to have them talk about it so that you can empathise. Taking the psychological approach will initiate a confession if you like. Develop an intention to trigger an emotion. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether the emotion is positive or negative, as long as it’s the right person. This is why you need to know your audience. For example, you may be selling an eBook on how to tackle leaving the corporate world for self-employment. Asking a question like, “How have you tried to change your current situation already”? could provoke a negative emotion due to the fact that they probably know they haven’t done much aside complain or alternatively it could, in fact, bring on an exciting emotion because the question Immediately reminds them that there’s another idea out there they’re yet to know about. Your product or service must become that new idea. You could easily jump right into talking about your product and why you think they should purchase it but you’ll fail in gaining the trust of the prospect.


Below is a list of 5 effective questions you can ask your prospect:-

(1). “That sounds really stressful. How are you currently dealing with this difficult situation”?

(2). “Where else have you looked”?

(3). “I’m surprised no one’s been able to help you yet. How long have you been in this situation”?

(4). “What is it you really hope to gain”?

(5). “What frustrates you most about your current situation”?



This is indeed a psychological approach. Whilst generally, the nature of it is deemed as deception, not necessarily so. You can in fact utilise the honest factors surrounding the prospect and handle the situation genuinely. I recommend reading the article on yesware.com titled, “3 Psychological Triggers That Can Help You Close Deals Faster”, written by Rusty Williams. He highlights the effectiveness of a technique surrounding positive peer pressure.

It is also worth reading , “The Powerful Closing Technique: Honesty” published by Thomas Phelps at thebalancecareers.com.



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  1. […] Understanding what your audience’s needs are is going to help you out a great deal. Evoking the right emotions in the audience is usually, if not always a significant contributor to positive engagement. Ensure that your text asks emotional triggering questions with the right answers. This makes storytelling effective to a high degree, as it’ll resonate with your audience. For an insight into the techniques of carrying this out, I recommend reading the article, Disrupting The Status Quo. […]


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