Programmatic Advertising Improves

A little homework never hurt

The immense development within the programmatic advertising system is proof that B2B marketers’ desires have been taken into account. For quite some time, B2B marketers were reluctant to go ahead with the automated advertising system in result of it’s features not being in alignment with their objectives. Prior to the excellent changes, programmatic’s function was to purely market globally and to more people at a low cost. This was not secure enough for marketers as guaranteed views was still a concern and the thought of placing high bids without knowing where their ads were appearing or how visible they were left them uncomfortable. Now, thankfully, programmatic advertising will influence specific groups.

What else will it do?

Additional to niche pinpointing, programmatic will also involve real-time marketing. Programmatic will adapt content to the priority issues of the moment. This can help to maximise the right responses to ads. Advertisers can also analyse data in real time as programmatic becomes more efficient. They’ll no longer have to wait until the end of a campaign to see results.


A great quality of data is still essential to target the right audience. You’ll still have to do your homework to make sure your ad is as tailored as possible.

I recommend signing up for a free, helpful guide to programmatic advertising that I received from Matthew Hogg, Head of Programmatic Sales at LinkedIn. This will give you a deeper insight into updates of programmatic advertisement, it’s history and how you could benefit from it.

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