Dear Apple,

Make Enough “Pad” For Everyone!

I inaudibly chuckled to myself as my palate savoured a fraction of modesty after the words, “We’ve technologically advanced” left my mouth. Admittedly the statement was coy and possibly tiresome to my co-worker’s ears. Following the acknowledgement of the cold shoulder that I was giving the immense development within technology, my memory of the fact that the journey is infinite distinctly evoked. My co-worker will agree that I lacked no enthusiasm when I said, “They’re looking for the next best thing and we should have it to offer”. Baffled and unprepared, she wiped the cream off of her top lip and responded with, “I’m painfully confused”. I believed her, as the expression on her face was no less than amusing. I told her to meet me at the same place at the same time the very next day for what I believed to be a consequential proposal.



“Would a Twin-screen iPad be a terrible idea?”

Admittedly, by the time we met, my co-worker and I both lacked the driving force to commence such an intense activity; but that doesn’t mean a well equipped, multinational, technology company like Apple couldn’t make my visualisation concrete.

So we’ve got iPad stands! An appreciable idea; however, without disdaining the invention’s amenity, I feel compelled to remind you that there is still room for more.

Have you ever been watching a funny video with your friend on your iPad outdoors, whilst trying to position the screen so that you don’t end up with a creek in your neck? Or maybe your kids are driving you up the wall over who’s turn it is. What if neck aches and headaches were no longer necessary?

So Apple, if it’s not yet in the pipeline, could one persuade you to put your shoulder to the wheel? I’ll await your response.

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